Thursday, 12 June 2014

12 Handbags Every Girl Should Own

Today we wanted to share with you all our top picks for handbags! They are essential accessories that go with countless looks. We hope you enjoy and if you have any requests feel free to email or message us on Tumblr! We would love to hear want you all would like to see :)
Love, Hayley & Sophie xo

Sophie's Favourites

1. Pony-hair Leopard Shoulder Bag/Clutch
This is the perfect bag for if you want to add something extra to a basic or neutral outfit. It adds a pop of colour and texture without being over-the-top. 

 2. Oversized White Clutch
Gorgeous with so many outfits and can be easily transitioned between day and night.

3. Structured Bag
This gorgeous bag is perfect to shove all your things in! It huge and goes with everything.

4. Tote bag
My trusty Michael Kors! This is my everyday bag, I love it to death.

5. Barrel Bag
Another bag I get a lot of use out of - this one I think is perfect for Winter!

6. Slouch Shoulder Bag
This is a gorgeous bag for the warmer months, it has rose gold detailing and is gorgeous with summery dresses.

Where to buy...
2. Oversized White Clutch (similar)
5. Barrel Bag (similar)
6. Slouch Shoulder Bag (similar)

Hayley's Favourites

1. Roll up lunch bag clutch 
This is my absolute favourite clutch its so intriguing and goes with any outfit for any occasion!

2. Faux Fur Handbag
Perfect accessory for a simple and neutral outfit.

3. Blue charm bag
This bag is super feminine and is perfect for a girly shopping day paired with an oversized winter coat.

4. Black Leather tote
I brought this bag because it goes with absolutely any outfit whether casual or dressy.
I love that the finish of the edges appear as though they have been cut straight off. 

5. Burgundy Tote
I love this bag for its classy appearance and gold finishes.

6. Pastel Satchel
This one you have all seen plenty of times! I love its shape and colour - perfect for almost every outfit. 

Where to buy....
2. Faux fur handbag (similar)
3. Blue charm bag (similar)
5. Burgundy Tote (similar)
6. Pastel Satchel (similar)

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