Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Top 5 Favourite Shoes!

Todays post is all about shoes, shoes and more shoes! These are each of our top five favourites for this season. 

Sophie's Favourites
All of these shoes have some kind of heel on them, but I find with the cold months coming up thats when you can more easily get away with heels, especially in the form of boots!

1. The Nude Heel
These are definitely in my top five, such a classic and standard heel everyone has to have in their collection. I love these with basically anything - jeans, dresses, skirts - they can be dressed up or down and are essentials. This pair is from the brand Wildfire, but similar can be found herehere and here.

2. The Sneaker Wedge
These are great for autumn and winter and are still on trend this season. I have a pair of nude ones on my wish list for this year but these are my tried and tested ones from Dotti. Some other that I'm obsessed with are found here and here

3. Favourite Boots
This pair is right up there in my favourites! I adore these boots and they look so amazing on. They can be worn casual or dressed with something a little more glam to give an edgy look. They have a large zip in the back and grip platform soles which make them super comfortable and easy to walk in. These ones are from River Island and currently sold out but similar ones can be found here.

4. Casual Slip-Ons
These shoes are my best friend when it comes to dressing up skirts or with tights and jumpers. They come in so many different colours and styles but these black ones are standards in my daily looks. These ones were super inexpensive from ASOS but others can be found here

5. Statement Heel
These heels are the perfect thing to jazz up an otherwise neutral outfit. The bronze front contrasts so beautifully with the white, textured heel and the ankle straps are perfect to complement this style of shoe. I picked these up fairly recently and have been obsessed with them ever since. They are surprisingly super comfy and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these not only in winter but also summer with some sun dresses. These ones are by Wandering Souls but other statement heels that I really love can be found here and here.

This is just a little overview of my babies lined up :) 

Hayley's Favourites
Picking just 5 favourites of mine was very difficult! So many others I wanted to show you guys. The 5 I have chosen are flat out my favourites though. Wearing these shoes makes me feel so happy and tops off any outfit. Hope you love them! xx

1. The Black Chunky Boot
These boots are one of my latest purchases and I love them! They are the perfect balance of heel height and chunkiness. So far I have worn them with dresses, skirts and pants to add an edge to my looks. They are so comfortable and versatile - this seasons must have! These shoes can be found here.

2. Timberlands
Love, love, love these boots! They look like work boots but don't do any work! I've received many compliments on these shoes and feel they are perfect paired with loose fitting dresses and layered winter wear such as leggings and jackets. They an be found here.

3. Tartan Slip On
These are such an easy shoe to just slip on. They are my go to's whenever I feel my outfit is missing that extra little something. Not only that but I'm obsessed with tartan. In these cooler months I think they are best paired with leggings and an oversized jumper or jacket. They can be found here.

4. Converse Wedge
I saw these wedges and couldn't resist, I had to have them. They are so unbelievably comfortable and are the perfect shoe for any causal occasion. The camera doesn't do the purple and blue marble colouring under the shoe justice but they are amazing. The only thing with these shoes will be the trouble of keeping them clean. This shoe is also available in black or purple. They can be found here.

5. Strapped Boots
I have had these boots for a while now and my love for them has not died. I love to wear these shoes with dresses and simple jeans coupled with layered tops and a jacket to add that wow factor to the outfit. This season I am obsessed with blushes and pastels and these beige boots accompany those colours perfectly. These shoes are no longer available in this colour but other colours can be found here.

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