Monday, 7 April 2014

Our Makeup Collections & Makeup of the Day

We are bringing you something slightly different today - our first beauty related post! We wanted to show you how we organise our everyday essentials so that it allows makeup application to be quick and easy.  Obviously we don't use all these products everyday, but these are the things we always find ourselves reaching for! We are both using acrylic cases to store our makeup, similar to the popular ones from Muji - although these are much more affordable. We found ours at the local bargain shop The Reject Shop, there are a lot of designs and work perfectly. They look so simple and clean - perfect for storing makeup and still keeping it looking pretty. 

Sophie's Makeup Collection:

Makeup Store Lipstick in Attitude
Essence 'Stays No Matter What' Eyeliner in Midnight 

First Drawer:
MAC Eyebrow Shader

Second Drawer:
Basically every Maybelline Colour Tattoo in every colour (they are amazing!)

Third Drawer:

Hayley's Everyday Makeup Collection:

PLINK! (Lustre), Coral Bliss (cremesheen), SNOB (satin), Blossom Culture (sheen supreme)
Ri Ri loves MAC liquid eyeliner - cockiness SOLD OUT
Eye shadow brushes - Real Techniques, Napoleon, MAC - Ri Ri - SOLD OUT

First drawer:

Second Drawer:
MAC Pigment Christmas Pack- old gold, reflects gold, 3D gold, deep blue green, 
just before dawn SOLD OUT

Secondly, we also wanted to show you the products we use together to create certain looks. These flat lays of products were used to create our "Makeup of the Day (MOTD)". Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on beauty items to put on your Need to Buy list and also shows you some of our favourite tried and tested products. Hopefully if you guys enjoy these sort of posts we can do more in depth reviews of certain products, or even tutorials on some of our favourite looks that we create. 

Sophie's First Look - Bronzed Skin and Fuchsia Lips

Sophie's Products (above):
Napoleon Cream Blush

Sophie's Second Look - Luminous Pinks

Sophie's Products (above):
Australis Paparazzi Perfect Blush in Shoot to Thrill

Hayley's First Look -  Blush Tones

Hayley's Second Look - Bronzed Up 

Hayley's Products (above): 
MAC Lipstick - Plink!
MAC Pigment - Old Gold SOLD OUT
Ri Ri Loves MAC Eyeshadow Brush SOLD OUT
Ri Ri loves MAC liquid eyeliner - cockiness SOLD OUT

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